Soo Locks Shipping Season Officially Begins

The Soo Locks are open for business!

Wednesday is the first day of the shipping season on the St. Marys River.

At one minute past midnight, the H. Lee White entered the Poe Lock on its way to Duluth.

The Lee is the first of many freighters that will make opening day a busy one. Several other vessels are scheduled to go through the locks.



The Soo Locks Park is closed to visitors until further notice because of the coronavirus, but one family got to take it all in from a safe distance. Mikahla Pung, a High school student from East Jordan, went on a night trip with her mom.

“We were just going to drive up and see the boats and watch them Lock through and go home,” she said. “We’ve done stuff like this, but not to this extent because normally I want to do this but normally I am in school so I can’t come.  But this year I can…because of no school.”

The locks have been closed for winter maintenance since Jan. 15.


Watch the video here


Source: 9&10 News



1st Place: Adam Bjornberg

Caption: The Gardno anchored outside of the Duluth ship canal. // Prize: $500

#1 - 109349704_gardno_anchored_with_waves_12-06-21

2nd Place: David Schauer

Caption: The Paul R. Tregurtha departing from Duluth. // Prize: $250

#2 - 109349704_david_schauer_11

3rd Place: Adam Bjornberg

Caption: An evening arrival of the Floragracht in Duluth amid a pink horizon. // Prize: $100

#3 - 109349704_floragracht_arrival_12-11-21

Honorable Mentions