SLSDC Great Lakes Regional Initiative Continues into Third Year

Great Lakes Seaway Partnership

The SLSDC has been better able to support Great Lakes ports, terminals, shippers, carriers, and labor to increase maritime trade. With the recent arrival of Ken Carey, the Canadian St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation’s Manager of Market Development, the two Seaway Corporations are continuing to expand and grow the Seaway maritime supply chain. Outreach to new and existing customers and stakeholders remains a priority. Recent examples of these efforts include:

  • Promoting Great Lakes ports at the Traffic Club of Chicago and North American Rail Shippers Association (NARS) Annual Meeting in Chicago (May 2018);
  • Representing the Seaway System at the 2018 AWEA Windpower Conference in Chicago (May 2018);
  • Co-exhibiting with the Port of Milwaukee at the 2018 Wisconsin International Trade Conference (May 2018);
  • Sustaining the Hwy H2O Houston freight forwarder and supply chain initiative in Texas while also seeking new customers for the System in the energy sector at the Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) in May 2018;
  • Representing the Seaway Corporations at the Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers’ second Maritime Day in Ottawa, Ontario (April 2018);
  • Identifying new Seaway customers as part of the Hwy H2O initiative on U.S. grain at the National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA)Annual Meeting in Phoenix (March 2018) and the U.S. Grains Council Annual Meeting in Houston (February 2018)
  • Continuing the Seaway Corporations’ longstanding collaboration with the Jacobs Consultancy at their annual conference on the petcoke trade, also in Phoenix (March 2018); and
  • Representing the SLSDC at the American Association of Port Authorities’ workshop on “Planning for Shifting Trade”

The above list are just a few examples from early 2018 of the SLSDC and SLSMC’s continued commitment to expanding understanding of the Seaway System and to expanding maritime activity throughout the Great Lakes in both the United States and Canada. For those seeking information about how to leverage Hwy H2O and other marketing opportunities offered by the Seaway Corporations, individuals are welcome to visit the Hwy H2O binational website:


SOURCE: SLSDC, Seaway Compass Spring 2018