Shipping at Port of Green Bay remains ahead of 2018 pace

Shipping traffic through the Port of Green Bay remains strong.

Port officials say 314,000 tons of goods moved through the port in September, bringing the total for the year to more than 1.6 million tons. That is 17% ahead of 2018’s pace.

Leading products are domestic limestone imports, up 64% over last year; petroleum imports, up 44% over last year; and imports of foreign salt, up 47% over last year.

“We’ve had solid numbers for petroleum and limestone shipments throughout the season and salt shipment are typically strong this time of year with winter months not too far away,” port director Dean Haen said in a news release. “We’re optimistic that we’ll see a good finish for the 2019 shipping season for the Port and for the entire Great Lakes. It’s a good sign for the regional economy.”

So far this year, 127 ships have moved through the port, five more than at the same point last year.