Shipments Top 1.4 Million Tons As Challenging Year Continues

(Green Bay, Wis.) – The Port of Green Bay has not been immune to the impact of the ongoing pandemic and a sluggish economy. For the month of October, 110,668 tons of cargo moved into and out of the Port, the lowest monthly total for the 2020 shipping season.

“While shipping through the Port got off to a great start, building on last year’s impressive total, the overall shipping season has been disappointing, but not unexpected given everything that has happened this year,” said Port Director Dean Haen. “It’s great to see a fair amount of shipping activity to start out the month of November, but it’s unlikely we’ll reach 2 million tons. Still, given the economic circumstances, we are pleased to only be down about 25% from last year at this time.”

Through October, Port tonnage hit 1.4 million tons, led by limestone, cement, salt shipments. Over the past five years, the Port of Green Bay’s total tonnage has ranged from 1.8 million tons in 2016 to last year’s total of nearly 2.3 million tons.

“With a couple of strong months to close out the shipping season, we are still hoping to get close to the 2 million ton mark,” Haen added. “Boosts in salt, coal and petroleum products are certainly not out of the question at this point in the year.”

So far in 2020, 126 vessels have visited the Port of Green Bay, down from 146 at the same time a year ago.