Port of Oswego Authority Receives $2.3 million from Lake Ontario REDI

Pictured are Governor Andrew Cuomo, DOT commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez, OGS commissioner RoAnn M. Destito, and Port of Oswego Executive Director William Scriber.


OSWEGO – A very positive outcome for the Port of Oswego at the Lake Ontario REDI project award announcement meeting last week.

The Port received $2,310,000 for five projects which will be utilized to stabilize critical infrastructure, retain and increase jobs and create recreational opportunities for the community.

Executive Director William W. Scriber said, “The Port is very grateful to Governor Cuomo and the REDI Commission for their assistance and their recognition of the critical role the Port plays in upstate New York. These five projects are essential for our operations and addressing the new normal of water levels on Lake Ontario.”

The Port’s five projects are:


Port Authority Marina East (East Operating Dock)
High water damage to the north end of the Port Authority East Operating Dock.

The existing stone retaining wall, due to higher lake levels, is no longer able to break waves, resulting in a breach of the wall and direct undercutting of the main dock.

The project will be implemented to ensure protection over a wide range of static lake levels, storm events, and interior drainage.

The Port will receive $300,000 to install shoreline stabilization to break the high-water wave action in that area and protect the dock.

Port Authority Marina West (Goble Dry Dock and Ship Yard)

This project seeks to provide a community docking area for up to 25 boats.

This project will help support the local tourism industry for those looking to access downtown Oswego.

The Port will install sheet piles and create a new docking system designed for up to 25 boats with planned support, which may include new buildings.

Port and state will invest 1.8 million dollars in the project which in addition will produce added seasonal jobs.

Port Authority (Lehigh Cement Port West Dock)

Repair on a portion of dock along the west side of the waterfront where the Oswego River discharges into Lake Ontario by the Lehigh Cement facility.

There is a failure in the south end of the dock where it meets the Sprague retaining wall.

The Port has already secured $638,000 for the repair.

With the $70,000 from the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative (REDI) repair completion will be possible.

Port Authority – Oswego Marina

The Port, earlier this year when the threat of high water was anticipated, began the installation of new docking systems that adjust to water levels.

With $40,000 in REDI funds, the Port will complete the installation to provide boaters with dockage that will be unaffected by water levels and increase flood resiliency.

Port Authority West Pier

Due to high water levels and wave action, retaining walls have failed at two locations near Sprague Energy facilities on the Port’s West Dock.

The Oswego Port Authority and the businesses that operate out of it are a large source of revenue for the local economy, providing jobs, and tax revenue.

The REDI is providing the Port with $100,000 to repair the shoreline and provide stabilization measures on the west retaining wall on the Oswego Harbor


1st Place: Adam Bjornberg

Caption: The Gardno anchored outside of the Duluth ship canal. // Prize: $500

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2nd Place: David Schauer

Caption: The Paul R. Tregurtha departing from Duluth. // Prize: $250

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3rd Place: Adam Bjornberg

Caption: An evening arrival of the Floragracht in Duluth amid a pink horizon. // Prize: $100

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