Port of Ogdensburg, International Airport, Both Setting Records For Use


A ship unloads wind turbine parts at the Port of Ogdensburg.

OGDENSBURG — The Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority is continuing to break records both in the number of travelers using its international airport, and regarding the amount of cargo being moved though its port on the St. Lawrence River, according to officials.

In separate statements this week, OBPA officials announced that they had welcomed their 30,000th passenger of the year at the Ogdensburg International Airport. The milestone is a record at the facility.

A day later, OBPA officials announced a second record — this one for handling cargo at the Port of Ogdensburg. Longshoremen at the port were able to unload three ships within a one-week period, a first, according to OBPA officials.

The ships were each carrying wind turbine components.

“Unloading three vessels within a week is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the authority’s longshoremen, International Longshoremen’s Association Local 217A, and Port Director of Operations Steven J. Lawrence.” said Wade A. Davis, executive director of the OBPA. “This is record-breaking and is another excellent example of how past state and federal investments into regional infrastructure create jobs and economic opportunities in the future.”

Mr. Davis said a continuing uptick in usage at the international airport in Ogdensburg is also directly benefitting the region.

Thursday’s 30,000th passenger of the year was Lina Roussel, of Valleyfield, Quebec. She was traveling to Florida with family and friends.

“At Ogdensburg International Airport, we are all about the passenger’s experience and top-notch personal service,” Mr. Davis said. “We are extremely grateful for the thousands upon thousands of new U.S. and Canadian passengers now utilizing Ogdensburg International Airport as this directly benefits the region.”

Oversight of the Ogdensburg Bridge and Port Authority is provided through its board of directors, including: Samuel J. LaMacchia, chairman, Douglas W. Loffler, Vernon “Sam” Burns, Megan Whitton, Christopher Coffin and the Authority’s Executive Director Mr. Davis. The authority’s mission is to manage regional infrastructure while working with the private sector to create jobs and investment, according to OBPA officials.


SOURCE: Watertown Daily Times