Partner Spotlight – The Port of Detroit

Port of Detroit


The Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority (DWCPA) has been operating since 1981 and is dedicated to advocating for the maritime industry as well as the businesses associated with the maritime world. Each year, millions of tons of cargo move through the Port of Detroit at 29 private and public-sector terminal facilities. High-grade steel products, coal, iron ore, cement, aggregate, and other road building supplies are shipped in and out of Detroit’s port.

“Shipping means a lot to our region,” says Kyle Burleson, Executive Director of the Detroit/Wayne County Port Authority. “It’s a critical component to keeping electricity flowing and producing steel – steel that goes to manufacturing cars, and grain that helps feed the country.”

Currently, the port is excited to expand cargo and transportation opportunities. “We plan on opening the port back up for container and crated cargo,” says Burleson. “We are also excited about the idea of a ferry service between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario.”

Shipping in the Region

The DWCPA was worked for 35 years to increase awareness of the importance of the Port of Detroit and how cargo and vessel activity generates economic impact for the State of Michigan.

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway offers more than just economic opportunity for the DWCPA. “There are a lot of benefits to working on the Great Lakes and Seaway,” says Burleson. “There are skilled workers in the area, top notch research universities, and a low cost of living. I’d encourage anyone to do business here.”