North America’s Critical Link: Illinois International Port District Earns 2019 Pacesetter Award

The Great Lakes Seaway Partnership applauds the Illinois International Port District for earning a 2019 navigation season Robert J. Lewis Pacesetter Award, which recognizes their efforts in increasing international Seaway cargo during the 2019 navigation season.

“We’re humbled to be acknowledged and we’re proud of what it signifies. It shows those related, affected by and connected to the industry that the Illinois International Port District is truly an economic stimulus—not just for the region, state and nation—but for the entire globe,” said Clayton Harris III, Illinois International Port District, Executive Director. “We aim to be the greatest multimodal port in North America, and we challenge ourselves daily to live up to that. This Pacesetter Award shows us that we are continuing to do so.”

In 2019, a large factor that contributed to its excellence in increasing international Seaway cargo was the IIPD’s continued partnership with North America Stevedoring Company. The port’s largest tenant continued to expand, both in facilities at the Illinois International Port District as well as customer base serviced, accounting for 52 percent of the port’s overall revenue.

“We’ve allowed them to continue growing, providing them with the space needed and with new connections,” said Harris. Additionally, Harris also noted that a large part of the international increase seen in 2019 was due to the Illinois International Port District’s ability to continually attract and handle traditional cargos like, steel, lumber, sugar and liquid bulk.