Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb Accepts ‘Pacesetter Award’ on Behalf of Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor, Declares December 12, 2018 ‘Great Lakes Maritime Day’

Washington, D.C. (December 12, 2018) – Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb accepted the “Robert J. Lewis Pacesetter Award” today from the federal official leading the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC), an agency of the U.S. Department of Transportation. The Pacesetter Award is the SLSDC’s flagship award, presented to U.S. Great Lakes ports that have registered significant increases in shipments of international cargo tonnage through the St. Lawrence Seaway compared to the previous year. In 2017, the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor shipped nearly 704,000 metric tons of freight, achieving a 21 percent increase in international tonnage over the 2016 navigation season.

Pictured from Left: Craig Middlebrook, Deputy Administrator, Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation; Indiana Governor Eric J. Holcomb; Vanta E. Coda II, Chief Executive Officer, Ports of Indiana.

The award was presented by Craig H. Middlebrook, Deputy Administrator of the SLSDC to Gov. Holcomb during the Great Lakes Seaway “Capitol Day” at the historic state capitol building. Chief executives from the Great Lakes shipping industry visited Indianapolis Wednesday to meet with the Governor as well as public and private leaders from Indiana to discuss the economic impact of Great Lakes Seaway shipping on the State and Great Lakes region.

“Your vision for the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor to be a magnet for trade is inspiring, and your continued leadership and commitment is transforming that vision into reality. The many people involved in the port’s operations – from port staff, longshoremen, terminal operators, and your board members – have worked in unison to retain current customers and add new ones,” said Middlebrook.

After accepting the Pacesetter Award on behalf of the Port of Indiana-Burns Harbor, Gov. Holcomb presented an Executive Order proclaiming December 12, 2018 as “Great Lakes Maritime Day.”

Indiana plays a crucial role in cargo shipping on this binational navigation system, accounting for almost half of the U.S. economic activity related to shipping on the Great Lakes. In 2017, cargo movements on the Great Lakes generated economic impacts in Indiana supporting 66,158 jobs and creating $13.7 billion in economic activity.

Pictured from Left: Kay Nelson, Director of Environmental Affairs, Northwest Indiana Forum; Peter Johnson, Deputy Director, Great Lakes St. Lawrence Governors & Premiers; Mark Pietrocarlo, Vice President, American Steamship Company; Tom Rayburn, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, Lake Carriers’ Association; Paul Pathy, Chief Executive Officer, Fednav Limited; Craig Middlebrook, Deputy Administrator, Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation; Governor Eric J. Holcomb; Mark Barker, President, Interlake Steamship Company; Vanta E. Coda II, Chief Executive Officer, Ports of Indiana; Steve Fisher, Executive Director, American Great Lakes Ports Association; John Mengel, General Manager, ArcelorMittal Burns Harbor; Heather Ennis, President, Northwest Indiana Forum; Marc Gagnon, Director of Government Affairs, Fednav Limited.


1st Place: Adam Bjornberg

Caption: The Gardno anchored outside of the Duluth ship canal. // Prize: $500

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2nd Place: David Schauer

Caption: The Paul R. Tregurtha departing from Duluth. // Prize: $250

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3rd Place: Adam Bjornberg

Caption: An evening arrival of the Floragracht in Duluth amid a pink horizon. // Prize: $100

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