Great Lakes Towing Docks Tugboat at Black River Landing

Great Lakes Towing tugboat docked at Black River Landing in downtown Lorain.


Despite the changes that made due to novel coronavirus, a constant for Lorain still is Lake Erie and the Black River.

Operations have continued for water-related services including Great Lakes Towing, which had a large vessel docked May 11 at Black River Landing, 421 Black River Lane in downtown Lorain.

Tom Brown, executive director of the Lorain Port Authority, said the tugboat being docked is part of an agreement between the Port Authority and the towing company.

“They tow large freighters and vessels like that,” Brown said. “They typically are pulling large barges and often use the dock.”

It’s not something that is out of the ordinary, he said.


A tugboat with Great Lakes Towing takes advantage of the dock at Black River Landing in downtown Lorain.


“We have a good partnership with them and we work with them for different things. It’s a really cool looking vessel that they use to pull the larger boats.”

Brown said Black River Landing is the perfect place for water-based services like Great Lakes Towing.

“We provide a safe place for folks to dock,” he said. “It continues to build upon all the great things that are happening on the Black River.”

Brown said Black River Landing has been a popular spot for main events like Rockin’ on the River, but plans have had to change due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We had a board meeting recently about what we are doing this season,” he said. “We are watching for announcements and seeing how things go.

“Unlike some other places, we haven’t cancelled everything yet. We are just going to keep watching and seeing what we can do to try and give people some normalcy this summer.”

Rockin’ on the River recently announce the summer weekly concert series pushed back its start date this year to July 3.



Source: The Morning Journal


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