Economic Impact Study Reaches Far-Ranging Audiences

From Boston to Baton Rouge; from Honolulu to Houston; from Minneapolis to Montgomery; and many, many points in between, news of the new study, Economic Impacts of Maritime Shipping in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Region was covered by multiple media markets across the country and saw widespread reach through social media channels. From its release on July 18, through August 24, there were 227 online articles or posts about the study from various news outlets resulting in over 84.6 million estimated impressions (an impression is one view by one user).

Article impressions are based on the visits for the source in one day. In addition, through the social media outreach efforts orchestrated by the Great Lakes Seaway Partnership (GLSP), nearly 265,000 impressions resulted from a combination of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Native and GLSP website views. The volume of public outreach was truly extensive and the important data compiled in the study was widely read by people in the Great Lakes region as well as parts far and wide.


SOURCE: SLSDC, SeawayCompass