Lake Carriers’ Association

About American Anchor

There is no one hero in the story of the Great Lakes. The economic prosperity of the region is due to the efficient and symbiotic connection of The Saint Lawrence Seaway, Great Lakes ports, foreign and domestic vessels, manufacturers, companies, the employees that work there, and their relationship to their local communities. This supply chain is a foundation of our country’s economy. The backbone of our society. It is America’s Anchor.


About the Lake Carriers’ Association (LCA)

Lake Carriers’ Association was founded in 1880. As such, it is one of the oldest active trade associations in the country. LCA promotes the common interests of its members, with special emphasis on legislative and regulatory matters. In all that it does LCA strives to maximize the efficiencies of waterborne commerce on the Great Lakes in a manner that respects the environment and the natural treasure these freshwater seas represent.